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Photographer Vince Hemingson is a world traveler, screenwriter, best-selling author, filmmaker and the creator of one of the internet’s largest, most popular and critically acclaimed websites related to tattoos and body art – www.vanishingtattoo.com – which is visited by some twenty million visitors every year.

Vincent Errol Hemingson

Vince Hemingson is a photographer, writer/adventurer, world traveler, best-selling author and filmmaker.

I’ve been a passionate photographer for more than thirty years. When I made the transition from film to digital, I decided it was high time to bring my photography skills up to date and I enrolled in the highly regarded Langara Continuing Studies Photography Certificate Program. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I graduated from the program in 2012. In the past five years I have studied and taken Master Classes with the likes of Ralph Gibson, Greg Gorman, Joe McNally, Freeman Patterson, Thom Hogan, Peter Hurley and other photographers whose work I have greatly admired and who have long provided me with inspiration. I owe a special debt of gratitude to each and every one of them, as they freely shared their passion, their knowledge and their artistry with me. Every one of them has taught me something that has helped make me a better photographer.

I am extremely grateful to Peter Hurley for his mentorship and guidance and proud of the fact that he has had the confidence and faith in my abilities as a head shot photographer to have made me his first official Peter Hurley Associate Photographer in Vancouver.

I have been a Nikon photographer since 1981 and I am an NPS (Nikon Professional Services) Member. I can’t tell you the number of times that the people and the staff who make up Nikon around the world have helped me out and saved me from what seemed like certain disaster.

I’m one of those old-school photographers who doesn’t really think that you’re finished until you are holding an image in your hand that you can hang on a wall. I love printing my own work, and encourage every budding photographer to do the same. I also think that your photography isn’t finished until you share your images with others. Whenever possible, I exhibit and hang my photography in collective and solo exhibitions as often as i can. I also think it’s important to have your work scrutinized by your peers, and to submit your photography for consideration in contests. I have been fortunate enough to have won several awards, and my work has been published in VOLO and Blur Magazines, as well as other publications. My work has also been featured in a number of cities around the world as part of SLIDELUCK presentations.

My first book of photography, The Tattoo Project: body. art. image. was published in 2012 by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. and has been a commercial and critical success. It was a wonderful art project featuring 11 Vancouver photographers and over 100 tattooed subjects. A documentary film of the project is currently in post-production.

My next long form photography series, The Nude in the Landscape, seeks to create a body of work that frames the human body in the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest; juxtaposing the frailness and inherent fragility of the human form against the scale and grandeur of the landscape, contrasting the textures and tones between these two elements, and examining the relationship between the viewer and the subject. It is slated for publication in 2018

My 2002 documentary film, The Vanishing Tattoo, which I co-produced, co-wrote and co-hosted, was broadcast on National Geographic International and was seen by an audience of tens of millions of people, in over one hundred countries around the world. Whether it is with words, or film or with stills, I love telling the stories of people, and I consider myself wealthy beyond belief because of what I am been fortunate enough to see and experience in my life. I can hardly wait for what happens next.

When I make time to put my cameras down, I am an ardent runner, having completed 35 marathons all over the world, including the Boston Marathon twice. I always like a new challenge, and I have also run more than two dozen ultra-marathons, once running 50 miles through the West Coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada in combat boots and a kilt to settle a bet! And just so you don’t think I’m too crazy, I run in large part to enjoy the incredible restaurant and food scene we have here in Vancouver.

But more than anything else, I love the fact that photography allows me to meet new and interesting people on an almost daily basis. If you are so kind and gracious as to allow me to shoot your head shot or portrait, or to assign me a photographic quest, I will do everything in my power to show the world the best you that there is to show.

Thank you for considering me as your photographer. I look forward to meeting you and making some art together.

Hemingson has created video slideshows of some of his galleries. Please take a moment and check them out below:

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