Laura S. –   Vince is wonderful to work with. Not only does he have a great eye for detail but he ensures models feel comfortable and beautiful during their time on camera. 10/10

Ricardo C.  –  I consider Vince to be my most important mentor in photography. His exquisite taste, deep technical mastery, knowledge of the history of photography and sharp-eyed critiques have made me grow as an artist in many different ways. He has guided me to become a better story teller using light, compositional elements and image selection. I have learned from him to approch as much as possible the final product in-camera, minimizing the need to enhance in post production.

Mariel N.  –  I have worked with Vince many times, all of which were great experiences.  We have been on many adventures through photography together, from boudior and bathtubs to the great outdoors.  I am amazed at his work and would highly recommend him.

Kate M.  –  Lovely to work with. Great at providing direction. Professional and wonderful to shoot with!

Nathalie B.  –  As someone who’s been involved in the fashion and entertainment industries for three decades I have worked with many photographers all over the world, from Paris to Tokyo.  Vince Hemingson is a man of great talent.  His photographs are an homage to the beauty of women.  I consider him a dear friend.

Stephanie – Vince’s photographs changed the way I saw myself.  He recognized my beauty, and then made me see it.  How do you say thank you for that?

Sarah B – A pleasure to work with. Not only professional but fun and personable. And amazing art so, who could ask for more?

Helen P.  – I never imagined a photograph of myself could be art. Vince has made that a reality. That’s why one photo shoot, turned into countless more.

Anna Beaudry – As a Photographer, I fully appreciate how intimidating being in front of the lens can be. Not to mention feeling vulnerable in a state of undress! Vince took extra care of my insecurities. With subtle alchemy, he transformed my perceived weaknesses into pillars of power. Such a clever artist with unique vision and rooted deference to the female experience. I’d work with Vince again in a heartbeat.

Allan – I have dreaded getting my picture taken for my entire life.  I needed a picture for work and Vince was referred by a friend.  He was very easy going and we spent so much time talking through the whole photo shoot that I didn’t even realize he was taking my picture.  It was painless and my wife loved the photos so much we hired Vince to do our family portrait.  He’s good with teenagers too!

Katrina – Working with Vince has resulted in the creation of stunning works of art thanks to his incredible artistic mastery, vast experience and extensive technical skills. He often says: “Let’s make you art” and that statement couldn’t be more true. He’s produced dozens of beautiful images of me in his Landscape series that took my breath away. He has an eye for creating the extraordinary. He creates a perfect marriage between the human body and nature’s landscapes. He finds art and beauty in the most unlikely places and delivers images that speak volumes with a single frame. His talent is immeasurable. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with him and hopefully will continue to work with him in the future to create more art.

B.A. – Working with Vince was an amazing experience! He is kind, professional and fun to be around and I absolutely loved the work we produced together. I would highly recommend working with him!

Lisa – It wasn’t just that Vince made me look beautiful in the photos we took, he’s an amazingly talented artist after all.  You can see that every time you look at his work.  It was that he made me FEEL beautiful while we made them.   His kindness, warmth and encouragement made me feel comfortable and confident.  His direction made me look fabulous.  It was a great experience.  Highly recommended.

Santosha – As a model who has worked with Vince many times, I can say with confidence that he makes his models feel both comfortable and safe, which yields authentic, high-quality, professional photographs that will always be viewed as fine art.

Bella –  I’m a big girl and it was wonderful to work with a photographer who not only appreciated my curves, but celebrated them.  Vince made me feel that I was in a safe place to be myself.  It was very confidence building and empowering. I cherish the photos we shot, and will long treasure the experience.

Ksenia S. –  Vince is one of the best and most amazingly talented photographers working today. Every photoshoot I’ve had with him has always been a fun, relaxed experience. The images speak for themselves.  I often go back through our photo shoots and enjoy it every time!  I only trust Vince to do my nude photo shoots.

Rod B.  –  Vince is one of the most passionate photographers I’ve ever worked with. He’s tenacious with his subjects, very thorough and creative. He approaches every project I’ve ever seen with rigor and enthusiasm. He’ll definitely go the extra mile and he’ll give his clients great results.

Anna Beaudry – As a Photographer, I fully appreciate how intimidating being in front of the lens can be. Not to mention feeling vulnerable in a state of undress! Vince took extra care of my insecurities. With subtle alchemy, he transformed my perceived weaknesses into pillars of power. Such a clever artist with unique vision and rooted deference to the female experience. I’d work with Vince again in a heartbeat.

Ava Miller – Vince Is an incredible artist. His attention to the smallest details and his passion for his art is incomparable. He’s a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and trustworthy. He’s got a unique mind and is always producing stunning works of art. When people comment negatively about women in the fine art nude sections, Vince is the first to stand up for all women, loving women as they are in all shapes and sizes. He doesn’t tolerate any bullshit from anyone and is protective of both his art and his clients. He captures the essence of his muses and can make any woman look and feel beautiful. When I first started shooting with Vince I was incredibly insecure. I was new to modeling and it was a tough start. He was patient and taught me a lot. He was honest with me and helped me become better at my passion. Together we made some amazing art! Vince made me feel at ease and the shoots were always fun. They just flowed. I wanted him to edit and photoshop all the parts of me that I don’t like. He said no. It’s not necessary and photographs women as they are naturally. No compromising. This was very empowering as a woman when we are constantly being compared to Victorias Secret models and photoshopped photos. I think most women can relate to that. I have many beautiful photos and this man helped me to love myself the way I am. He is timely with his edits and getting photos back to you. He always asks permission before posting as well. I have shot many times with Vince and will continue to do so in the future. Make sure you’re serious about shooting. This is his passion and he strives for perfection so prepare yourself to follow direction. You will not be disappointed!

C – I know the world wants to think of Vince as a photographer but that’s not really what he does.  He’s an artist who works with a camera and photography is his medium.  He has such a unique and singular vision.  His passion and intensity can be daunting at times, but the work, the work!  Breathtaking and beautiful.

Caley Jane – I had the pleasure of modeling for Vince and it was a lovely experience. Vince was very professional in his approach and throughout the shoot, and the images produced were absolutely striking. His art impresses everyone who is lucky enough to view it.

Laura – Much of Vince’s work is about breaking the stigmas around the traditional definitions of beauty. He is extremely professional and gives women a positive outlet to present themselves. His work is done tastefully, elegantly and powerfully. I commend him for giving women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and imperfections the platform to prove to the viewer that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Jaime C. – Vince is a visionary. He possesses the heart and soul of an artist.  His technical brilliance and mastery sets him apart. His signature style evokes a haunting, timeless, truly beautiful imagery.  His photographs enter your consciousness and stay with you for days.

Suzanne Kingston – I had the pleasure and privilege to have Vince Hemingson photograph a collection of  my paintings for my website. The results were stunning and I was thrilled. Vince is expert at what he does and just plain fun to work with.

Ashley – Make-up Artist and Model –  I believe Vince to be one of the most preeminent and illustrious photographers I have had ever the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and eye for true beauty aids him in creating the most beautiful works of art. He is very easy to communicate with and delivers a product that is special and unique to each one of his clients.

Grace – Vince was the first photographer I shot nude with, and through the whole experience I felt 100% comfortable and had lots of fun. Very professional, but also lots of fun to work with, Vince is truly a pleasure to shoot with.

F. – I grew up an ugly duckling in a family of swans.  As a teenager I went through a period of eating disorders, self-mutilation and depression.  Body image and self image played a significant role in these episodes. Later, as an adult, I often went to the gym obsessively.  Sadly, these are not isolated or uncommon issues for young women.  As a woman I learned to come to terms with my body, it’s flaws and imperfections.  When I mentioned to Vince that I truly admired his fine art nudes, he asked me if I was interested in being a subject.  When I replied that I was no model, his answer made me stop and think.  He said his impression of me was that I was strong and confident and that I was perfect.  Perfect at being myself. And that was what he wanted to photograph.   After some soul searching I agreed.  I was nervous, but thoroughly intrigued.  We spent the better part of a day at Wreck Beach, taking photographs, and talking about art, gender politics, feminism and the portrayal of women in media and popular culture.  I know nothing about posing, but Vince was endlessly patient, always encouraging and never lacking for ideas.  He made it easy.  It was a deeply satisfying day.  And the photos are beautiful.  I wish I could have shown them to my younger self, and said, one day, you’ll like like this.  I love Vince’s philosophy that everyone is beautiful and perfect, each in our own unique way.  

Sam Dulmage – Actor – Shooting with Vince was a real pleasure. He has an excitement and intensity that can be contagious – always hungry to find that next thing that’s going to make the shot a little bit better. Portraits can be a self-conscious business and he was great putting me at ease as well as making me part of the process; it felt more like a collaboration than a photographer and a passive subject. The results were great.

Katherine Wilson – Vince is a master photographer, and whether he is in the studio or in nature, he has the artistic vision and technical knowledge to compose & capture gorgeous images.  Yet, he creates much more than beautiful photographs—he honours women with his art.  Throughout the shoots, he repeatedly reminds us of our inherent beauty.  And through that repetition, something magical starts to happen—we as women begin to see ourselves as the goddesses that we truly are.  Vince holds women in the highest regard, and honours the female form in ALL its variations, ages, and sizes through his work.  In short, he invites women to see themselves in a completely empowered and beautiful way, perhaps for the very first time in their adult lives.

Pia S. – Vince Hemingson is a brilliant photographer of figure and landscape, whose sensitive yet powerful eye sees multiple realities in his lens, and captures images that resonate with a depth that is uniquely beautiful. He is an adventurer in the classic mode, with a  profound relationship to nature, and a deep understanding of the human spirit.  Working with Vince is pure joy.  His particular appreciation of the female form, situated in the power of the landscape, is so beautiful and wise. In this weird #metoo era, Vince is exceptionally gentlemanly with his sometimes naked female subjects.  

Sylvia L. – Make-up Artist – Vince is crazy…crazy passionate about the art of photography. I have collaborated with Vince as a makeup artist for many years and I still can’t get enough of his creativity. He is an extremely enthusiastic person and an inspiration to many. For these reasons I was never the least bit hesitant to be his model…twice. He approaches his subject from all angles to capture all kinds of beauty each individual has. Words will never be able to fully describe the wonderful experiences!

Stefanie C.  – Vince evokes in women – of all shapes, sizes and walks of life – comfort, sensuality and authentic beauty. He’s a professional and dedicated artist with a true love of the human form.

S. – When Vince asked me to write a sentence or two describing what it’s like to work with him I burst out laughing.  Do what you will, he said.  Having been given free rein, where does one start? I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers all over the world and Vince is unlike any other.  His personality, working style and images are larger than life.  Like the landscapes he works in, he is a force of nature.  He’s a volcano, a caldera of bubbling creativity, imagination, ideas, passion and vision.  After spending a day with him you will be physically and mentally exhausted.  But in the best possible way.  Vince’s creativity is all about creation, conjuring art from the visions in his head.  To be part of his process is fascinating and compelling.  You are witnessing something special.  Like a big bear he clears underbrush, moves huge rocks and giant logs and imposes his will until he has exactly what he wants.  He sweeps the sand on the beach, removes bits and pieces too small for me see.  He’s a mystic, magician and bulldozer.  And while all this whirlwind of energy is being expended he is at the same endlessly solicitous and protective about your well being.  Are you warm enough?  Drink! Eat! Be safe!  He wears his heart on sleeve.  As for the  work itself, there’s not enough space here for me to adequately describe the power and majesty and emotional honesty of his photographs.   If given the opportunity, you must see his printed work.  As beautiful as his work is on a computer, seeing an actual print is a revelation. Work with him.  Hire him. Buy his art.  You only live once.

Ava & Fazineh – Vince is a very talented photographer with a unique style and eye for art. He’s easy to work with and always made us feel comfortable.

R. –   Vince is an Aesthete.  He has the most refined taste of any photographer I’ve ever worked with.  His best photographs are exquisite jewels.  He’s tenacious and relentless to the point of obsession in pursuit of his vision.  He will take hundreds of photographs until he’s satisfied that the light and the angle and the composition are all perfect.  As a model it can be exciting and even tedious, but the reward of catching lightning in a bottle is exhilarating.   How often in life do you become a work of art?

Mike Hauner – Interstyle Glass –   It has been a pleasure working with Vince.

Vince is full of energy and enthusiasm for the job.  He goes beyond just doing the work, offering his clients his full creativity and dedication. His mind doesn’t shut off with the task at hand, continuing to do research in his off hours.   Vince shows an exceptional level of creativity, focus and dedication, no matter what the task or how mundane it is, whether it’s showcasing an original piece of art or photographing a hundred variations of a ceramic tile.   I have met very few people with that kind of depth and dedication.  Vince will go above and beyond to get the job done.

Chelsey B – Vince is truly a fantastic artist and person. During our Boudoir Shoot Vince made my comfort his number one priority. He brought me a new level of respect for myself in how I saw myself.  Bringing out of me a world within myself that I perhaps didn’t even know existed.  He has such a unique ability to communicate with you and help you realize a vision for yourself.  In a world filled with artists I would chose him over and over again. Amazing person, fantastic photographer.

Klara J. – “Vince is an amazing photographer to work with, who understands how to be both personable and professional simultaneously. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions over the years – even some overnight trips to special locations – and he was always respectful, patient, diligent and willing to take input.  And the photos made me feel like a goddess.” – K

Sima – I decided to try something out of my artistic comfort zone and I don’t think anyone else would have made it as easy and comfortable as Vince did.  Super professional with a hint of humor. Vince was a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Chaplyn – Vince is an artist. He thrives on making art and brings pure and giddy, full-throttle inspiration to every project we’ve ever worked on together.  As a model, I have felt nothing but total appreciation and respect from him. Not to mention his fabulous eye and that  he always caputures me magically! As a collaborator, his energy is fuel and excitement. I love working with Vince!

Sarah B. –  Vince is truly a wonderful artist and photographer. I had the pleasure and privilege to do my first glamour Boudoir shoot with Vince.  We had so much fun and I am so happy with the results. I will cherish the photos forever. Thank you Vince for your amazing direction, talent and beautiful art!

Sonia R. – Hair Stylist – Vince is a pleasure to work with. His vivacious personality and respectful manner makes everyone feel in the right space to be inspired to create beautiful images.

Salome. –  Although based in Europe, I have worked as a fine art Nude model all over the world.  I found working with Vince to be a very pleasant experience.  His love for women, his art and Nude Photography shows in every frame of his work.  He is open, compassionate, caring, communicates well and knows how to stage his model.  I love the work we have created together and would work with him again in an instant.

Grace – I have been a fan of Vince’s art for quite some time. His black and white work is THE BEST I’ve seen in Vancouver. Keen eye for details and beauty. True artist. Would love to work with him again.

Emily Roop – Vince has been my go to photographer for the better part of a decade. As a hair and makeup artist as well as a musician and promoter, I am always in need of photos that showcase my work. Vince has taken all the photos for my websites, which I always get compliments on, many promo photos, live show photos and I’ve worked behind the camera with him as his hair and makeup person. Regardless of what we’re shooting I have always been thrilled with the results. I’ve also worked with Vince on countless creative projects including a stop motion video that made it to the finals in the Toronto film festival. He is truly a visionary, an inspiration and a wonderful creative partner.

Santina F. –  I have worked with Vince several times and every experience has been wonderful. Vince is the epitome of professionalism and goes above and beyond to ensure the model feels comfortable in any situation.

Vince’s eye and attention to detail is unmatched; he strives for perfection and understands what it means to take an image from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. I am often suprised when I receive edits, (although I shouldn’t be at this point), that the muse in the photo is me. Vince’s ability to capture beauty, beauty that you may not have even recognized, is incredibly empowering. “How can this be me?”, you might ask. He simply allows to you see yourself as you truly are – beautiful.

If you are looking to create timeless images, I encourage you to reach out to the incomparable, Vince Hemingson. You won’t be disappointed.

Kelly – In a perfect world, a photographer like Vince doesn’t need a testimonial.  All you have to do is look at the work.  The works speaks for itself.  His talent is self evident.  Yes, he can make you look like that.   The man is an artist.  Best of all, he’s fun to work with and you’ll have the time of your life.  I know.  I did.

Karen – I have been many things in my life and one of the greatest, was being Vince’s muse. His talent as a photographer is what attracted me to do something I had never done before, be naked in front of a camera. When you bare yourself, Vince catches  images that lay your soul bare. To allow yourself such vulnerability you must have complete trust and you have this with Vince. He is incredible to work with and made the process so easy. The proof is in his pictures. They are something that I will always be proud of, impressed with and grateful for. I look forward to many more shoots and the privilege to work with Vince on his continued quest to capture beauty in its many forms and make it timeless.

Sharlene R. – I wish that I could gift every woman in the world, regardless of age, shape, or size, a photo shoot with Vince Hemingson.

To say that he is an incredible photographer is easy. But to describe the impact of being seen by him and captured by him, through his eyes and his camera is truly a task that’s formidable.  It’s difficult to put into words what a profound effect his images can have on the way you see yourself, the way you perceive yourself.

His appreciation, deep respect and passion for women and their innate beauty is reflected in his professionalism, his work ethic and the art he creates.  I would never have considered myself “art”, nor have seen myself as a beautiful creature, human, woman, if I hadn’t taken a scary  leap of faith and let myself be seen and photographed by Vince.

As a woman “of a certain age”, with four children and the ravages of life and time having taken their toll, I cried when I saw the images he captured of me.  They were real, raw, and stunning.  

Thank you, Vince Hemingson, for your art and your unique gift!

Scarlett B. – As a makeup artist that has worked with dozens of photographers, Vince Hemingson is one of the most creative artists that I have ever worked with. He has a unique vision, and he is articulate and confident about what he wants and what he needs to make the shoot go smoothly. Vince is a wonderful collaborator and extremely professional in everything that he does.

Stephanie P.  –  I don’t really have words to describe working with Vince ! I never ever thought I’d be comfortable in front of a camera, let alone nude photography. The experience was amazing; exhilarating and liberating.  You feel at one with nature. Vince knows exactly what to say at the right time. The results were beyond my expectations and the images we created together are by far the best photos ever taken of me.

Terra C.  – Working with Vince was easy, empowering and definitely a bit thrilling. Never having done a nude shoot before, I was nervous as hell but he made it extremely comfortable and was a complete gentleman. He was more worried about my safety and comfort than I was! I hope to work with him again in the future, as it was an experience I would be sad to only have once.

P.J. Reece – Writer/Filmmaker – I’ve worked with this guy for thirty years.  And working with Hemingson, it’s obvious from the get-go that he’s a never-say-die, make-it-happen kind of guy. We’ve teamed up on a few projects over the years – scripts, film & television production, special events – and he’s always given the job 200%. Things get done. He’s a great collaborator.

Hemingson has what I call a visceral eye. He’s all instinct and gut feelings. He has a passion for composing images that stir something deep inside. Whether his subject is clouds, cannibals, or nudes, I see him reminding us that existence more resembles a verb than a noun. And that’s disquieting, and not a little unsettling if you think about it.  ~ PJR

Marie B – Model – Vince was a pleasure to work with. Very friendly, respectful and knowledgeable about his photography. He knows what he is looking for and gives great direction to make you look and feel wonderful. I look forward to working with him again

Leah Jung – Model –  I worked with Vince on The Tattoo Project, a large scale project that saw over 100 tattooed models be photographed and interviewed in a three day period.  Everything went smoothly, Vince’s photos of me continued to get positive recognition for years, and I’m proud to still consider him a friend based on that experience.

DeeDee – Artist

Vince is a poet
he writes with light
make me feel beautiful
and sees me
with lover’s eyes

Tom – I took a series of tutorials with Vince because I admired his fine art photography, particularly his black and white images.   Aside from the technical knowledge he passed on, the most important lesson I took away from his teaching was a fundamental shift in the way I approached my photography.  From the very first time Vince looked at my portfolio, and with each subsequence critique he kept asking me, “What’s the story? What are you trying to say? Why did you do it this way?”  It was never about right or wrong, but almost always about process.  Every time we looked at an image he’d ask, “What if?”  He’d often reference his own work and take it apart, explaining in detail why it did or didn’t work for him, and what he saw as its strengths and weaknesses.  Most importantly, always, was whether an image was truthful to the story it was trying to tell.  He’s very positive and I always felt encouraged to find a personal style that expressed itself in my photos.  I highly recommend working with Vince.

Jeff Weddell – Photographer – Vince’s passion for photography and the arts is second to none.  For each press of the shutter he brings together a team designed to meet the goals of the image to be created.  Be it his own images or a group, as he did with “The Tattoo Project”,  the ultimate desire is to have a positive experience for all involved.

Elizabeth. – Model – I cannot say enough good things about Vince.  Or his art. Months prior to our shoot, I saw his work online and was deeply moved. To the core. His images depict human form in nature in a way I have never seen.  Holistic, beautiful, his nudes seem almost as if he is capturing an animal in the wild.  I made my way to British Columbia and spent a wonderful day shooting with him and getting to know the man behind the camera. It’s a day I will never forget and I will always cherish. The images I received were breathtaking. Something I will share with my family and friends. More importantly I will keep them as a cherished memory of a special time.

Ava Vanderstarren – Model and Actress – Vince is an amazing photographer who always provides the highest quality of images. Every shoot that I have had the pleasure to work with him on has been incredibly professional. Vince is very creative and an expert in his field, making each photo a work of art . He gives good direction and always makes the models feel very comfortable. I would recommend Vince for any project that you are working on.

Scarlett Ballantyne – Make-Up Artist – Vince is an extremely creative and talented photographer who works with precision and grace. He continues to show his creative genius with a variety of interesting projects. He will take your product or brand and show it in a unique and interesting way through his creative photography.

David Bowes – Executive – Vince is a consummate professional that is very easy to work with. I highly recommend him for your professional photographic needs.

Natalie Burdeny – Managing Director at Opera-Preneur – We were lucky to have Vince shoot our promo pictures for our upcoming production of Trouble in Tahiti at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival. As always, he was personable in his demeanor and expert in the results. We were extremely happy with the results and have had nothing but positive feedback. HIRE VINCE FOR YOUR NEXT PHOTO SHOOT!

Oliver Millar – Director of Photography – On the Tattoo Project documentary I got to know Vince quite well as a producer driven by a creative passion, but grounded by the focused goal to make new and marketable content. No one could be more knowledgeable in the topics of tattoos and photography than Vince, which gave me absolute confidence and inspired me and the other creative team members of the project.

Paul Antony Carr – Artist – I have worked for Vince Hemingson on project management and event coordination for The Tattoo Project gallery exhibition, and as a social media consultant for vanishingtattoo.com. Vince is able to seamlessly blend his pursuits in photography, filmmaking, and writing with his immense enthusiasm for all things tattoo in a rare manner that also manages to adeptly promote, support, nourish, and showcase the artistic and creative endeavours of his vast network of friends and colleagues. And along the way he has also developed an immense and encyclopaedic online resource of tattoo art, photography, history, culture, and lifestyle: vanishingtattoo.com.

Vince’s success in his comprehensive and multimedia tattoo work stems from his unwavering work ethic, eye for perfection, ability to forge and maintain working relationships; and his understanding of the internet as a crucial means to deliver information to interested parties. This latter point is immediately apparent through his already tremendous accomplishments in the pioneering of tattoo culture online, as well as his efforts to connect the online tattoo community and reach out to further audiences through social media. Vince does not work in half measures, and is constantly keeping up to date with developments within the field of social media, as he is fully aware of its capacity to act as a catalyst for information dissemination.

Alec MacNeill Richardson – Editor/Director – I’ve worked with Vince for two years on a tattoo archival video series for Vanishing Tattoo and more recently on the Tattoo Project promo and editing selects.

There are few people more committed to a project than Vince. When he says he is going to make something happen, he will vault any and all obstacles in his path and make it happen. It is truly inspiring to work with someone who has such energy and enthusiasm. Vince is always willing to give 150% of himself to getting the job done and it’s infectious. One of his strengths as a producer is to bring out the best in the crew around him whether on set or in the editing suite. The evidence of his commitment in pursuing excellence in film and video production is clear in the quality of work that he produces.

I look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts on the Tattoo project and many more projects in the future.

Wayne Hoercherl – Studio Manager/Photographer – I worked with Vince on The Tattoo Project: body. art. image., as a fellow photographer and also as the Studio Manager and Lighting Director of a three day weekend that involved a dozen Vancouver photographers shooting over a hundred tattooed individuals.

Vince and I worked for several months beforehand, organizing and running multiple casting sessions, and planning the logistics of a massive photo shoot that was going to be documented by no less than two roving documentary film crews. Throughout the weekend, Vince wore the hats of producer, photographer and even model, at all times ensuring that the production was running smoothly. It was an amazing experience in which to participate.

Afterwards, Vince organized a Gallery Exhibition of the photographs that the group produced and it was the talk of the photographic community in Vancouver in terms of the way it was hung and lit and its quality and content. Over seven hundred and fifty people attended the opening night.  Later, The Tattoo Project book about the project was critically acclaimed and very well received by the public.

Vince is passionate about the arts, supports other artists and is driven in his pursuit of producing work of the highest quality and standards.

Spencer Kovats – Photographer – I knew Vince first as a photographer and then as a filmmaker. Vince invited me to participate in The Tattoo Project: body. art. image. project, which was not only a documentary film about a dozen fine art and commercial photographers shooting a hundred tattooed models in one three day weekend, but was also turned into an extraordinary photography gallery exhibition, a calendar and an amazing book.

Vince was the impresario of the entire weekend, organizing two film crews, a dozen photographers and a hundred models over three days. Seemingly inexhaustible, he seemed to be everywhere at once, including being both a photographer and model. Vince was constantly changing hats and roles without missing a beat, all the while making sure that everyone who participated in the project was having the time of their life.

Vince’s commitment to excellence is both inspirational and contagious. I feel that my participation in his project gave me the opportunity to create an incredible body of work and challenged me to become a more focused artist. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again, or give him my highest recommendation.

Bob Baxter – Editor-in-Chief/Writer – I met Vince 15 years ago in Apia, Samoa, while we were attending an international cultural event celebrating the 2,000-year history of tattoo art within the Samoan culture. Vince was scouting locations for a documentary series he was producing. I have seen Vince receive honours for his video projects and build a successful website that throughly documents a wide variety of tattoo-related subjects, including photography, history and lifestyle.  He is a larger than life personality and it shows in all he does.

I was involved with Hemingson in The Tattoo Project, a photo shoot and gallery show in which Vince brought together a dozen Vancouver, B.C. photographers and more than 100 tattooed models. As is the case with all the projects that I have seen Hemingson produce, this event was crafted with dedication, attention to detail and unbridled enthusiasm. Along with a few key historians, Hemingson is among a small group that is intent on capturing the in-and-outs of the current tattoo art scene and preserving it in an educational and entertaining manner.

I have watched Vince develop into an extraordinary photographer.  Aside from his keen eye, he possesses a highly refined sense of personal style and has exquisite good taste.

Jack Silberman – Director, Producer – I have know Vince Hemingson for 30 years and worked with him in his capacity as a feature film screenwriter, documentary film producer, on-screen talent, documentary film researcher and writer, adventurer, still photographer, and friend. His venture into full time photography has been fascinating to watch.

He is extremely smart, articulate, has a keen imagination, wonderful creative instincts, and a great sense of humour. Vince and the word ‘half-hearted’ do not go together – he brings enormous dedication and a never-say-die attitude to everything he undertakes.

I recommend him as a researcher, writer, photographer, producer, and on-camera talent to anyone seeking a strong creative partner for their project.

What I admire most about Vince is not just his many skills as a photographer, writer, and filmmaker, but the great passion he brings to his art and the way he puts everything he has into everything he makes.

Alex Dorandish – As a technologist, my friends and I work on a proprietary technology that analyzes art and artists. The technology we created and developed aims at finding artists who are the most respected, appreciated and sought after by other artists and in comparison with important existing works of arts and recognized artists.  To give you an idea of the scope of this analysis, our data points number in the billions.

This analysis is not based on “likes” or “faves” but by the level and types of interactions viewers have with a piece of art or an image.

Vince’s works were among the most appreciated and most revisited and most looked at when we put them to a test among nearly five thousand other artists and tens and tens of thousands of artworks.

Vince is a uniquely creative, truly gifted and talented artist. Spend some time and go through his work, and I would guarantee that at least one his bursts of creativity will forever be engraved in your mind.

Emelia C – Model – Working with Vince Hemingson has been one of the most liberating things I have had the opportunity to do as a model. His eye for beauty and the feminine form intermixed with his behind-the-lens manner and respect for the models comfort makes him truly a unparalleled artist.

With Vince I have had the opportunity to channel Venus sunbathing in the sun, Artemis in a sea of ivy, and the glamour Monroe and Bardot. My work with him never ceases to show me another side of myself and the beauty I carry on the inside as well as the outside. Per Vince, Sono grato !

Tatia – Model – It’s been an incredible eight year friendship with Vince, working on many projects, starting with the Tattoo Project. His vision and lens capture every facet of the soul and the raw beauty in his photos is undeniable. And my maternity shoot! What a fantastic way for Baby Wolf and I to spend the afternoon, in a warm bath, surrounded by flowers and endless compliments.

Olive – Model – A good photographer, and the truly great ones, are like a fine bottle of scotch, they leave you with a good taste and a mellow feeling by the end. Vince is certainly this, his presence alone is remarkable, you want to be a part of this journey. I found his portfolio engaging and unique, a perspective for beauty that isn’t usually seen. Working with him is a breeze, Vince‘s passion shows through in everything from his wit to his humor. And here I was thinking I’d be the entertaining one! He puts you at ease and encourages a level of expression that comes from a truly real place. He was patient, kind and accommodating, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first nude shoot at Wreck Beach. I’ve loved the photos he’s promptly sent me and greatly look forward to our next shoot. Absolutely would recommend/repeat.

Terra C. – Model – Working with Vince is such a lovely experience. He cares so much about your comfort and safety, and about making sure the photos you create together are stunning and inspiring. He is a gentleman and an incredibly talented photographer and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tanya M – Model – “It was such a pleasure to work with Vince! He is a true artist and he made my job easy by having such an artistic eye and doing everything he could to capture the perfect photo. I was ecstatic with the way my photos turned out as I blend in effortlessly to the nature surrounding me. We connected right away and the whole photoshoot flowed so well. I’m excited to work with Vince more in the future and collaborate on more amazing art! He is a perfectionist and will go the extra mile to get that perfect shot!”

Noelle – Model – I’ve worked with Vince on more than one occasion and would gladly work with him again in the future! Not only is he brilliant, but he has a way about him that leaves you feeling safe and comfortable.

I’m in love with the shots that he has gotten of me as I feel that they really capture my essence and strength as a woman.

Ruby Roxx – Model – I have had the opportunity to shoot with Vince, multiple times over the last 7 years. He was one of the very first photographers to see “potential” in me as a model, and from our very first meeting I’ve always felt comfortable around Vince. He is very professional, has a keen creative eye, and the finished product is always stunning. I recently shot with Vince for his Nude in the Landscape series. I do not shoot Nudes, but when Vince asked, I knew I would be in his capable hands, comfortable and safe, so I jumped at the opportunity to add this amazing project to my portfolio. I am so happy with the results, and, we have even made plans to shoot for the series again this summer. I can’t wait for any opportunity to work with Vince, and hope to continue to do so for many years.

Abra B – Model – Vince is wonderful to work with. He is respectful and absolutely clear in his vision of how to get the shot he imagines. His eye for composition and his skill behind the camera are evident in every photograph. If you have no experience or idea of how to pose, or no sense of how to make your body look good on camera; no matter, Vince is amazing at giving directions every step of the way to ensure he gets the perfect shot. He’s a great human to collaborate with. Highly recommended!

Georgina L. – Model – Vince is an absolute delight to work with – full of passion, respect, and experience. Over the course of the many years I have worked with him he’s become a mentor, and friend.

Sandi – Model – Working with Vince was so comfortable, easy and fun. He is very professional and full of great artistic experiences and stories! Plus his modelling direction was clear and creative – I felt at ease and thanks to his eye for poses I looked amazing.

Joy Draikai – Model – I am one of the lucky models that has encountered Vince on her travels to Canada. Not only did he take lots of beautiful and creative pictures of me, he also covered me in paint and made a cast of my torso. Every shoot was fun, full of jokes and intelligent conversations. I always felt safe and treated well. And then finally, on a late summer day, I was also able to model for his Nude in the Landscape series. Which turned out to be a blissful and relaxed sunny day on the beach while taking pictures and looking for good spots to do so.

Vince sure is a character, but a good one who takes very good care of his models. Makes them feel beautiful. Treats them with all the respect a model deserves, while showing him her vulnerability. And also, very importantly, feeds them properly during and after the shoot (thanks for the ramen last time!).
I can only recommend working with Vince.

Cinthia Torres – Make-Up Artist and Stylist – Vince is truly a great professional.  His photography is memorable and amazing, he stands out from any other photographer I’ve ever worked with. He works well with people and the finished products are always top notch.

Vince puts models at ease while shooting, he is fun, funny and respectful when making a point or going for that amazing pose. I think the most remarkable thing about Vince is how much love and passion and dedication he puts into every masterpiece he creates and you can definitely see that. I highly recommend working with Vince.

Alison – Model – Vince Hemingson is an absolute delight to work with. He is the epitome of professional and classy, making every women he works with comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. I am honored to have been part of his portfolio and would definitely jump at the chance to do it again.

Carla M – Model/Painter – Vince has incredible artistic vision, works tirelessly at his craft and treated me with the utmost integrity and respect. He’s inspiring.

Claire J – Model – My experience of shooting with Vince was both relaxed and professional. There was a great balance of creative exploration, and his ability to give physical cues to refine poses was the best I’ve experienced to date. He was respectful, considerate, safe, enthusiastic, skilled and so so patient. Unfazed and amiable, and with a detailed eye for lighting and composition, i’d shoot with him again any day!

Rachelle H – Vince is the man! He has an amazing eye with the camera, made me feel very comfortable and is a true artist who is able to setup a beautiful shot quickly. He knows exactly how to direct in order to capture the most flattering angles and I couldn’t be happier with the photos and my whole experience.

Julia G – Model – Vince is a visionary creator and a talented artist. His Nude in The Landscape collection evokes deep thought and deeper emotions. It was my pleasure to work with Vince in creating some of the artwork for this body of work. Vince is professional and puts the physical safety and emotional comfort of his photo subjects first. I would highly recommend working with Vince.