Nude in the Landscape

Nude in the Landscape, “Almost Blue”. Photography by Vince Hemingson from Vince Hemingson on Vimeo.



Behind the Scenes Video Nude in the Landscape: Behind the Scenes

Note: Not Safe For Work

If you’ve ever wondered what a Nude in the Landscape photo shoot entails, this wonderful “behind the scenes” Vimeo video shot by Model extraordinaire, Olivia Preston (used with her kind permission) gives an excellent overview. It’s shows process, interspersed with my final post-processed and edited photographs.

This footage is condensed from approximately two hours of shooting, from start to finish. The video definitely shows the highlights, but skips over the part where I figure out exactly where to shoot, and pre-prepare locations in the snow for Olivia to pose. That was a two hour scouting reconnaissance trip.

And there’s generally a fair amount of discussion about what we’re trying to achieve. But once Olivia is in place, I let her do what she does best; channel the Muses and pose her Heart and Soul out. When you work with a world class thoroughbred, you are well advised to give her free rein and let her run. Occasionally I will interject with a nudge regarding the pose; up, down, left, right, etc.

The other great thing about this video is that it illustrates how you can shoot in pretty adverse and harsh conditions with proper planning and preparation. I had already scouted this location, and already created spots for her to shoot. Olivia only needs to be exposed to the elements when I am absolutely prepared to shoot, knowing her spot, my spot, the camera angles, exposures, depth of field, etc. This is my approach for snow, rain, and any Shoot where my subject is in the water.